The Sunday Original Song Challenge. Why?

I’ve always played and sang songs for fun written by others, cover songs, never believing I could write anything worthy. The “Professional Musicians” have captured my emotions and feelings and concerns, etc in their songs already, why would I write my own when someone else has done it already, and so brilliantly? And that was the thought that shook me. I am on a creative recovery mission after all, why be intimidated? I felt this is a perfect opportunity to see what I can do with songwriting. Maybe nothing, given I’ve never written a song. But, maybe something. Wait, of course something. The effort alone is something! I will have written a song – badly or not too badly- it doesn’t matter, it’s something new and exhilarating for me, and is an untapped creative channel. That’s what matters.

The challenge has no end date, I’ll do it as long as I can- which may not be long because to come up with a song every Sunday, writing it and fitting a melody and chords each week, might be a kind of delusional madness but if I don’t set that bar, it won’t get done, and working out a song each week means I can’t overthink it or second guess my efforts.

My sympathies go out to those who actually endure to view and listen to these cringe worthy videos, cheers, for your patience.