Taking a walk

I now have to bombard everyone with a series of photographs of areas where I’ve been on daily walks with the rugnuts. As mentioned in the previous post Kimberley is replete with hiking avenues for every level of adventurer, and the views are gorgeously absorbing.


The unpaved Volksmarch trail, about 2 kilometers in length, follows along side the 28 kilometer paved Northstar rail2trail below.

The ridge trail above the town of Marysville that links up to the Volksmarch trail and to the NorthStar trail. This is where I come to walk most days because it is open and sunny, easy access, great views and it gets in a good length of a walk.



The Northstar Rail to Trail though is a fantastic path for a good long walk or bike ride, which my daughter and I did last year. It will take you all the way in to Cranbrook 28 kilometers away. The hounds and I spent a better part of the day on it starting from Marysville. And like I mentioned the entire area is gorgeous!

Clouds over Kimberley

Coming out of the woods from a walk with the dogs I glanced up and saw this. Stopped me in my tracks, I thought- Hmm that’s impressive. Googling them I learn on a BBC iwonder site that these are called Mammatus (for obvious reasons) and says that these clouds are not clouds in their own right but an after effect of other clouds, are made up mostly of ice, and come on the back edge of a retreating storm. I just say WOW.


Kootenay Dogs Life

Into my second week in Kimberley which means I am now dog sitting daughter Roo’s two Rugnuts, a.k.a. her Chihuahuas Dexter and the younger Jackson, (or should it be Jackson the Younger?) while she and CJ take their Babymoon in Puerto Vallarta and while she can still comfortably fly and stand the heat, or at this time of year in Mexico the humidity, which as she texted me yesterday is muggy, muggy, muggy!

The pooches have been very well-behaved contrary to what we were expecting. We braced for LOTS of barking from 2-year-old Jackson being that last year when we were here Bob couldn’t so much as shift in his chair, let alone stand up without Jackson going Baaallistic. Ear splitting barks. The worst kind. Dexter is 8 and has mellowed well. When Roo got him as a pup while working up in Northern Manitoba (not the usual place to find a desert breed!) he was bundled and packed off everywhere she went no matter the weather. He’d be swaddled up warm in a back pack with his head sticking out the top when she went snowshoeing or in a sweater and off leash on spring back country hikes. Turned him into a pretty cool little guy. Jackson still needs work.

We (dogs and I) get out for one long walk or two shorter walks (morning/afternoon) each day on one of the many great walking/hiking trials that are part of the extensive trail system weaving  and winding all over the Kimberley- Marysville mountain area and, oh so conveniently, there is one such trail just outside this door. We only need to walk a few steps that puts us on a wooded path leading into a not too dense pine forest with well-marked trails.

There is also the Trickle Creek Golf Course adjacent to these woods and directly behind the condos and some of these wooded trails meet up with some of the paved paths on the course. The course is closed at the moment so it’s all right to walk it with the dogs, and so many times we’ll start out in through the woods and segue onto the golf course, a great work-out walk by the way due to the very hilly terrain, It’s in the mountains after all! The dogs love it, they get all that nervous energy out of their system. Mostly applies to Jackson.

As a consequence of  the daily hikes, and puffing up the long inclines, I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in my stamina in just this short time. When I first arrived just last week and went on a long walk I was very noticeably winded very quickly, now I notice my breathing isn’t nearly as labored and my legs keep a nice steady gait even up those slopes! Bob says it might be the altitude that was making me winded, and while ascending to  3,670 feet in Kimberley from Vancouvers 269 feet, there may be some affecting circumstances but I would venture isn’t the only reason, being out of shape is. Bless his heart anyway.

Dexter, Let’s go!

Oh and  I should clarify, Jackson is actually a Chihuaweenie or is it Chaweenie? Anyway part Chihuahua, Dachshund and Alarm system.

Kimberley Condo

I am playing catch up here since I have been lazy about posting the past week! Bob and I had been staying at the condo right next door to our daughter Roo and her partner CJ for our first week. It backs onto a Golf course, along with some great hiking trails and is only a short distance up the hill between downtown Kimberley and the ski hill. We were given a very generously low rent to pay for our digs, when what the guy who is CJ’s friend only wanted was basic expenses, but we insisted on paying something a bit more than that! I mean it’s a beautiful condo, and he rents it out regularly, and he was kind enough to let us have it. This is his second residence, he spends most of his time in his primary home in Hawaii. So anyway super convenient for us and so comfortable! Made it easy for the four of us to get together for dinner each evening when Bob came back from work at either their place or ours. In the morning after Bob left for work and I’d done some yoga I’d go over to Roo’s for coffee, then plan what we would do for the day. I ate breakfast early ( because I would be up at 5 with Bob) but a few times Roo and I would breakfast together before heading out.

French Toast Y’all, with Fresh Berries, Yogurt and Maple syrup

We went to a baby expo in Cranbrook- Yes Roo is in her second trimester with her first bambino and I have to say although I’m over the moon about my baby having a baby – who I hope inherits our dimples- it hasn’t entirely sunk in. I think when I see her belly bigger in a few months THEN it will be real. We perused all the booths, and why didn’t I take any photographs!? Some great things out there for expectant mothers and babies now, I don’t recall baby expos when I was pregnant! Anyway we picked up several business cards and entered every draw offered for cool products, items and photography sessions. Then we went for lunch at SoulFood Company, a small new eatery started up by Roo’s chef friend,  Roo is a cook too,  that also focuses on local, fresh food. They gave us samples of their in-house sodas too.


Last Sunday when we arrived we all went for dinner at The Baurenhause, a Bavarian restaurant within walking distance from the condo that is outstanding in its organic locally sourced meats and vegetables; everything made in house right down to their mustard. We needed the walk after. Excellent food! The restaurant has some history attached, aside from it being a 350 year old Bavarian building from the Alps that was once a barn and then a home, that it witnessed the Black Plague, was disassembled in Bavaria, shipped to its present location in 1989 then reassembled. The original owners who did this feat still live upstairs. They lease the lower area to the chefs Nils Fuhge and his wife Michelle Klassen.

The old Baurenhause, web photo


What I ate! Pork Schnitzel with Poached Pear and Brie and Rosti Potatoes.

So it’s been a terrific first week, poor Bob though has been working hard but it’s been good too spending evenings with the kids over some good home cooked dinner!