Vinyl Village

1454921_10152041575765733_1821315458_n  Trailer for sale or rent, rooms to let for 50 cents. No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes..

Well that’s the song that comes to mind whenever I think of trailer parks- impoverished, mossy cubicles of sadness that shelter people who’s only companion has either four furry legs or feathers. A place where one went to watch the dissolution of ever having had a dream of being something more than a underpaid, under appreciated cog in a middle management nowhere job, to acquiesce in bitter silence.

To mention the very thought of living in a trailer park seems an oxymoron. One doesn’t live, one gets by, one eekes out an existence. Last resort safety net from a rooming house.

That’s the knee jerk image to hearing someone sigh,  “Well, she’s had to move into a trailer park now…” the dot,dot,dot says it all. Poor sod- a trailer.

So I’m living in a trailer park. Don’t flinch now , it’s actually a very nice one – yes, yes they do exist (I saw that smirk by the way) and it’s not for those dire, dreary circumstances I took residence here.

More to follow ~~