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My mom, sister and her husband and I were staying in Lethbridge for a week the summer of 2012- my mom was having a reunion with friends from her youth that still lived in the Cardston area-and my daughter, living in Calgary, drove down and joined us.

Later in the afternoon my girl had taken a short drive out into the nearby fields with her Chihuahua Dexter to let him exercise and she thought she’d take few a photos.  Meanwhile back at the ‘ranch’ the rest of us watched this amazing ominous cloud creep in and saw the tall poplar trees that lined the street nearly bend in half from the sudden gusts of wind. Then the lightening flashes, then driving hail.

I’m standing on the doorway panicking “Where is she?!” I’m waiting to see her car come up the road for what seemed too long, then finally she comes and we rush into the condo.

She was exhilarated even as I fretted over questions of  What were you doing? Didn’t you see what was coming? She said she ‘had to stay get these photos – it was so incredible’, then she showed us the images she captured on her digital-


and well yes, I then completely understood and was proud of her ferocity and daring. Atta girl.cropped-img_1122.jpg