Rorschach Test

 Everything we do and say during our lives is our public autobiography.

A proclamation to all that reveals our inner selves even though we may not intend it. Even if we think we are hiding our true selves.  All the choices we make say something about who we are.  Doesn’t matter the object,  the color,  the clothes,  our choice of words,  the music we listen to.  We reveal ourselves in all things.  Even the stories we fabricate speaks volumes about who we are;  even the lies we tell ourselves. There are no falsehoods, or illusions, everything is true.

What do you see when you look at someone,  when you listen to them? How do you respond or react to another and  what does that say about you? How do you interpret them? Responding to another persons behavior is a deep lesson to the one responding.  We can discover so much about ourselves just by paying attention to how we respond or react to another.  Opportunities are everywhere for self awareness,  with every encounter.