Food Glorious Food

winter veg hash 2016

I enjoy food and eating well, and to eat well you pretty much have to make it yourself, not to mention it’s more economical to cook at home. Fortunately I enjoy cooking and baking, and have some training in these areas. Thought I would encourage you to check out my food blog Boca Delicia  click on the blog name to visit.

poached egg over tuscan ham, red peppers and hash browns with chimcicherri sauce

It’s still a “young” blog and in development as I work to designate blocks of time for recipe research and preparation and set a regular cooking/posting schedule, which is my biggest challenge even though I cook everyday to feed myself and Bob. I tend to not use recipes, along with very little meal planning, using what I have on hand and that isn’t the best formula to convey recipes to others!  The exception of course is Baking- there isn’t much room in that area for improv!

Almond Biscotti 2106

I hope you don’t mind that I peppered this blog with food shots from my other blog but a little taste won’t hurt ~ Salute!

Chocolate Spice Cookies 2016

Food Flash

A bit of cooking and baking did happen while I’ve been absent from posting, so here is a small sample of what I remembered to photograph~


Pizza with chicken breast, goat cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, basil and parm.



Pulled pork and crispy onions.



Ratatouille. My favorite vegetable dish. Not my husbands. I make it anyway and he eats it.



Awesome breakfasts. And there is an awesome blueberry scone.



Mini cupcakes! Which I brought along to a girlfriends wedding shower.



Sockeye! Oh and a fennel and radish slaw.


IMG_7354A veggie soup with tiny Occhi Di Pernice pasta. This soup was so good and just got better the next day. I’m on a Chimmichurri sauce roll here, that’s the green sauce, I put that $!^*t on everything. Except cake.


IMG_7286Chicken breast with yogurt/Dijon sauce and beans and tomatoes. My favorite sauce b.t.w.


IMG_7509Blueberry Pie. I made small ones. I know better. I ate them. Both.

I also did a catering event for 35 people for an island neighbour. It was a family get together on the beach and a variety of sandwich platters is what they wanted. Along with fruit and veggie platters and a big cake.





There were sandwiches of roast beef, chicken, lox, croissants with shrimp and egg salad. There were wraps of beef, and of chicken breast, and veggie, there were veggie sandwiches on baguettes, there was hummus, there were rice wraps and lettuce wraps for a gluten, non dairy person.

13879471_10154192549665733_5878824867494023474_nOne of the fruit platters and 2 veggie platters and some special diet wraps on their way. Ah island life, my van was broken down so between my cart and their golf cart we got everything down the road!


Food Bomb!

Prepare to be bombarded by several foodie shots.

I thought I’d just get them all out there, some of the food I’ve made during 2015 (I don’t take pictures of ALL the food I make, ok I would but –  I forget to, or have eaten the thing before I think of a photo )

I am in the process of putting together a Food Blog, and when I get more organized and consistent I’ll put it up, but in the meantime …
Chicken breast with grainy mustard- yogurt sauce and quinoa

Chicken breast with a yogurt/dijon sauce and Quinoa with yam and kale


Pasta 2015

Hey, it’s pasta.


Stew, 2015

Beef Stew


Breakfast, 2015

Steak and eggs, guacamole and chipotle mayo


Chicken parma with pasta and veg 2015

Chicken Parma with pasta and veg


Grilled salmon, mango salsa, rice and veg 2015

Sockeye with mango salsa and I can’t remember what sauce that I put in there on the asparagus-


Roast beef in yorkies with sour cream horseradish sauce, ape's 2015

Some roast beef, caramelized red onion and yorkshires with sour cream/horseradish canapés


Nori cones, appy's 2015

Nori cones for canapes


apple pie 2015

Apple pie


Pistachio Biscotti's with white chocolate 2015

Pistachio biscotti with white chocolate


Chocolate cookies with pepitas, smoked paprika and flaked salt 2015

Chocolate cookie with smoked paprika and pumpkin seed and flaked salt


sourdough 2016, made with organic grape sour starter

Sour dough made with my grape sour starter


Grilled cheese with scallions and mushrooms 2015

Grilled mushroom, scallion and cheese


Wedding cheesecake I made, August 2015

A cheese cake I made for a wedding in August with lemon curd, baked meringue and blueberries -(along with 65 mini ones)

That ought to do for now – I hope I haven’t caused you indigestion, I’ll pace myself in future~


Thought I’d share the gift given to me from my daughter, in which I promptly made a Moroccan Lamb stew. Full of spices, with some apricots, almonds, currants, and dates and the previously dry rubbed marinated meat then braised for nearly 3 hours in a low oven till ultimately tender.

It’s the combination of these aromatics, these spices that are so satisfying and rich that seem to leave our cuisine on this continent somewhat limp and lackluster. This stew -if I may proclaim-was so luscious! Served over couscous, quinoa, or rice was a complete and satisfying foil against the cold winter snap we were having at the time.


For those who may never have heard of a Tajine or Tagine it is essentially an earthenware Slow Cooker or Dutch Oven originating from North Africa. The shape is what sets it apart. The bottom is somewhat more shallow in comparison to the  conventional cookers listed and the lid or top is conical. This allows the flavorful condensation to accumulate up and drizzle back down into the food.




And is traditionally cooked over a coal brazier. That must smell amazing on the street!


Gallery of Edibles