About the Girl



I live in the Pacific Northwest on a very tiny rural island along with about 250 neighbours complete with our own floating pub, gravel roads, and a tiny foot passenger only ferry that runs back and forth to town every hour. There are few vehicles here- no wait, I meant few cars, but there are several golf carts, all being barged over as more people have moved in. Currently I possess a wheel barrow. Two in fact, we are a two wheel barrow family. But I’ve had a vehicle here for a time, it broke down and I had to have it barged off the island. And I entertain the thought of soon bringing over a little truck – just making it clear I’m not snobbishly against vehicles in my island neighbourhood. I will just say there was a time when we would hear a car coming down the road we’d get up and look out the window and say, Who is that? Now when that happens we just carry on sitting at the table finishing our breakfast. I do have a car in town though. Kept in a parkade. Most people here do too. Have an island car, and a town car.

And although there is a foot ferry here that services not only pub patrons coming over from town but also some of the boat challenged residents, I drive my own 16′ commuter boat to and from the city one kilometre across the bay.

So, I don’t have a clear and defined focus or niche for this blog- it is a lifestyle blog of sorts but its tailored only to me. I won’t be giving tips on how to do anything better than you probably are already doing. And probably better. And do not look to me for fashion advice. Ever. I like clothes, I like shoes, I like good quality articles.

I lack fashion sense. Someone dress me, please.


That leaves me to work with only stuff I like or that I do. Riveting, I know.  And I’ll list those things right now.  Food: because I’m a Red Seal chef and a trained Professional Baker – and I like to eat; Art: because I’ve studied fine arts and have a studio; Music: because I love to sing and play guitar, been in some bands; Writing: Kinda like this…and I’m working on some other writing projects; Photography: An important expression outlet for me; Family: I have that. A husband, two grown up kids, who now each have some small ones which, consequently, hoisted me onto the grandmother pedestal- yah, grandmother; Boating: obvious reasons- my neighbourhood is in a moat, and I have a 30′ sailboat; Community: small island with 250 of my close neighbours means I know what they do at any given hour; Island Life: See community. Also, for the pleasure of living on my little rock of paradise I have to do some extra stuff that can be a pain in the    neck. I’ll give you one word- groceries, as in – I fantasize what it’s like to drive my car to my front door and unload the bags of groceries. I’ll give you another word- furniture- as in yay I bought a new leather couch. As in, it costs what to have it barged over?! Or how about, my washing machine is malfunctioning does anyone know if a repair guy will come … no? shit.

I grow a garden too, because why wouldn’t I? Who doesn’t like a warm tomato picked from a few feet away?

I love it here. No, I do. I mean, Yes, I do. I must love it because I’ve lived on this reef in the bay for 28 years.




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