About the Girl

Hi, thanks for visiting! I live in the Canadian pacific northwest on a very tiny island I share with about 300 neighbours. The only access to my neighbourhood-more like a moated community-is with ones own boat or the tiny “foot passenger only” ferry that runs to and from the city every hour.  

Everyone here gets around the gravel roads in golf carts, or a car they’ve barged over, biking or simply walking (pushing a wheelbarrow – a common  occurrence). My neighbours are the retired, the young professionals, and families who share this little rock with me. To live here we need to be the more robust sort because there is always a fair amount of walking involved to get to where you need to go. And you are usually carrying something from or to town. Living here requires a certain level of fitness. And appropriate footwear.

The population here uniquely encapsulates a microcosm of humanity. There are the odd ones, the weird ones, the conservative, the liberal, the colourful, the dull, the gregarious, the talented ones, the hermits, and curmudgeons, the highly educated, and the barely educated ones. And of course as per required of any self respecting small community-the busy bodies and micro managers.

A healthy mix that makes living here a happy, supportive place.


Here is what you could expect to see/read about here in no particular order at any given time:

Food: because I’m a Red Seal chef and a trained Professional Baker – and I like to eat; Art: because I’ve studied fine arts and have a studio; Music: because I love to sing and play guitar, been in some bands during my miss spent youth; Writing: Kinda like this…and I’m working on some other writing projects; Photography: An important expression outlet for me; Family: I have that. A husband, two grown up kids, who now each have some small ones which, consequently, hoisted me onto the grandmother pedestal- yah, grandmother; Boating: obvious reasons – I drive my own 16′ commuter boat and I have a 30′ sailboat. There may be ranting posts about sea and wind conditions; Community: How is it to live on a tiny island in close proximity with 300 people, and what really goes on there anyway? Stories, with names changed of course; Island Life: See community. Also, small island means we know what any one of us is doing at any given hour. And, for the pleasure of living on my little rock of paradise, I have “logistics stuff” I have to continually deal with that can be a pain in the —   neck. I’ll give you one word- groceries, as in – I fantasize what it’s like to drive my car right to my front door and unload the bags of groceries. I’ll give you another word- furniture- as in yay I bought a new leather couch- it costs what to have it barged over?! Or how about, my washing machine is malfunctioning does anyone know if a repair guy will come … no? Damn.

I grow a garden too, because why wouldn’t I? Who doesn’t like a warm tomato picked from a few feet away?

So, welcome, and thank you for spending some time here~





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