About the Girl

I’ve  retired early from the culinary industry, the last eight years being at my local university. I have my Chef Red Seal and am a certified baker. I also have an unfinished degree in Fine Arts, woulda, coulda, shoulda but there it is, but I am now in the process of setting up a studio, get back to it. In the distant past I sang in a few bands, and even did some theatre. Stage fright has been one of my biggest obstacles. I am also working on a couple of writing projects.

Presently (and the past twenty-seven years) I live on a small island I call my moated community, with all its unique idiosyncrasies on the Canadian wet, uh west coast and consequently living  surrounded by water means lots of boating just in getting back and forth to town. This done either in the small private passenger ferry that services my neighborhood for those that don’t have a boat or in our power boat. My husband Bob is passionate about sailing so we also have a 29′ sailboat named Auklet that takes us all around the Straits of Georgia and the gulf islands, and last summer I bought a kayak. I think that covers the floatation category.

I have success at being a parent to a well launched son and daughter, soon to be a grandmother, (!) and have good practice at being a wife for the last 27 years. Still practicing, but getting the hang of it.

All the above is somewhat of a background outline as to what some posts will contain: Food, Art, Music, Writing, Family, Boating, Ocean, Community, Island Life along with the random musings of a girl in the world and where she fits in it.


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