I followed my advice from my last Monday Motivation post on the 14th and took some time. Not to say I didn’t have a lot going on these last two weeks. I also took a break from my weekly songwriting challenge, I saw I was leaving the writing till the very last day before getting something down; although I have been happy with what I’ve been writing. When I am working on a song I tend to put everything (and everyone) else aside and want to immerse myself in the task, but I have been too preoccupied with other things of late, like selling my kayak and my old second hand pottery wheel, family visits, and garden work.

When I listed my kayak, I had several buyers contact me, so it went fast to say the least. Initially I hesitated in listing it, I had an image of me paddling through Dodd’s Narrows and following the chain of gulf islands down through the inside passage, camping along the way, until I reached SaltSpring Island. But I had to face the fact that I hadn’t used the kayak much in the few years I had it; my left hand had a tendency to go numb after a short time of constant paddling, and Bob was nervous about my safety and wanted to “escort me” in our powerboat whenever I went out. Sweet man. I had wanted him to get a kayak too, in fact the neighbour I had bought my kayak from had two to sell, his and his wife’s, but I couldn’t convince Bob to buy the other one- his reasoning was; why would I choose to confine myself into a short tube and strain my arms and shoulders paddling when we have a 30 foot sailboat with bunks, and a head (toilet), and an ice box (beer), and wind power (relax with beer while effortlessly slipping through the water) ? He has a point.

I reallocated my Kayak money to buy something to which I have a greater need; a new Shimpo VL Whisper electric wheel. It’s small and compact and entirely quiet when running- unlike my old wheel which was very noisy. I couldn’t listen to music or podcasts while working, and after working a short while my ears would have enough ! I listed my old wheel on our island community email, and Protection Island face book page and right away had several responses; I have someone coming to pick it up tomorrow morning. I paid $75.00 for it from a neighbour three years ago and selling it for the same price.

My old electric kick wheel

When I finally got my new wheel home I spent an entire day rearranging my studio space. The new wheel is so beautifully compact I actually have more workable space now. I also bought a universal Batt set up that comes with five removable Batt inserts. Game changer.

My new Shimpo VL whisper wheel
The Batt system with insert.

This is the Batt system in place; you can see that the centre square piece easily lifts out. Now I won’t have to worry about denting my freshly thrown pieces when I remove them from the wheel head; not so bad when removing mugs, but I’ve had real challenges removing bowls from the wheel without altering their shape, even after several passes with the wire. Now it’s time to get busy !

I will also resume my weekly song challenge. I have been getting a lot of personal satisfaction from this project and wish to continue it as a creative practice.


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I live on a tiny island on the Canadian west coast with about 300 of my neighbours. I am a Red Seal chef and certified baker (retired), an artist, an amateur photographer. I write, (unpublished so hesitate to call myself A Writer) sing, and can bang out some reasonable sounding chords on a guitar. And I grow a veggie garden. Older, wiser, and armed with insights and experience, I am on a conscience pursuit of reclaiming my creative life. I see it as a career change. Next level.

4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. It’s good to take a break and also important to evaluate what is working in your life and what isn’t. Me I’d be in that sailboat in a heartbeat! I loved it when we lived out there.

    1. It is, and yet we feel we need to “push through” over some fear of time wasted when there is much to gain by stepping back and gaining perspective. I’m still learning this one!
      This area is beautiful and having access to all the coast lines via a boat is almost a must to fully appreciate what the West coast has to offer. We’ve had our sailboat for 31 years and have explored the nooks and crannies of the gulf islands; Bob didn’t have any argument from me,much easier than paddling!
      Was that a big adjustment for you – from land of oceans to oceans of land? When the prairie wind sweeps over the tall grass and grain fields it is so much like the ocean~

      1. Oh no I am so happy with our choice to move back. The only time I felt at home was when we were sailing and I had a vista ahead of me. I feel the same about the mountains – awesome for a visit but I am so thankful when I get that big sky vista ahead of me! Best decision for my mental health we ever made. My other half could have stayed but seriously Vancouver was so expensive in the early 80’s we couldn’t afford a house! The whole area is beautiful but for me it’s more beautiful if I just visit .

        1. I completely understand – I’m a big vista person too and so love being in the prairie. Here on The island I’m happiest walking the beaches of Parksville, Dallas Road, or Long Beach for that big open expanse!

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