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I mentioned in a previous post I was working on a non fiction short story to submit to the CBC competition for a deadline of midnight Sunday, February 28. On Saturday I worked all day on it, a lot of final editing; moving whole paragraphs, and after I felt it was what I wanted I recorded it. I do this so I can hear back how it ‘moves’. On Sunday morning when I opened the story I discovered all the editing I did the day before wasn’t there, I must have forgotten to hit the save button, although I do remember saving it. sigh. But thankfully I had a recording. I listened to it and wrote it down, but didn’t have time to get to the submission page; my son and family came for the day, until 8:30. As soon as they left I was back at the computer to tidy the story and do a final read through. By 11:00 I went to the submitting page. It wasn’t there. Then I realized the midnight deadline was Eastern Time. Arrrrrrrgh! Which translates to Nine O’clock pacific time. Drat. Consolation? It will be ready for next time.

Then I spent two and half days doing what I shall refer to as Tech days. And it doesn’t pertain to anything creative, but did well to demonstrate the elasticity of my patience! I’ll just say it involved buying a new device to upgrade our long time woeful internet speed from 1.05 to 25, and also bought an upgraded streaming device, (two of my streaming subscriptions would no longer work on the old device) and long phone sessions with a few different providers. And some more Arrrrgh. But good to go now.

Ok, wiping my hands of all that business. Back to the studio ~

Cheers !

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I live on a tiny island on the Canadian west coast with about 300 of my neighbours. I am a Red Seal chef and certified baker (retired), an artist, an amateur photographer. I write, (unpublished so hesitate to call myself A Writer) sing, and can bang out some reasonable sounding chords on a guitar. And I grow a veggie garden. Older, wiser, and armed with insights and experience, I am on a conscience pursuit of reclaiming my creative life. I see it as a career change. Next level.

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    1. Apologies for that- I had to remove the post due to a technical difficulty. The Sunday song challenge will contain a video. When I posted the vídeo initially it showed on my own blog post but not publicly, so apparently I haven’t quite figured out how to add a video to my blog post- I hope to have it functioning for next week 🙂 thank you for letting me know !

        1. Hahah, I’ve even had difficulty chatting with a WP assistant- not connecting for some reason – and I’m going to their online tutorials, fingers crossed I can sus it out 🙂

    1. Not the case- grey moment, attention gap, brain fart – the culprit. I also slipped in not saving to the Thumb, something I always do (can’t say that now ,Ha! ) after a writing session. Saved in that I had the recording to rewrite with ~ 🙂 Cheers !

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