Summer Time and the living is Busy- and Fun

The aftermath crash of an empty, quiet house since our July company departed resonates with a small shush of a vacuum. We reclaim our space like a puddle of water spreading back into cracks and crevices. A tiny empty nest sensation pervades but more the satisfaction of time well spent with these family members from Ontario over the twenty days. Ten days with Dan then a three day turn over before Mel and Crystal arrived for ten days. We packed on the kilometers showing them our beautiful west coast island home.

We covered as much as we could cram in to make their trip memorable from Long Beach on the Pacific Rim, walking across the Kinsol Trestle, Sail boating on our little Auklet, backyard BBQ’s to Alpine walks in Paradise Meadows, chilling a bit on our little island at home, swimming in the local river, taking in the Sand Sculptures and the weekend blast of our cities Bathtub Race to taking the lift to the mountain top of Mount Washington. We took them on the tiny Mill Bay ferry over to Buchart’s Garden in Brentwood Bay and walks through the capital city Victoria.

Ah, Victoria yes, walking the historic downtown with Bob and his brother Dan, pointing out the architecture, when what I thought was a gush of water from an overhead flower box was in fact the fecal bombing of a passing seagull. Oh yes, landing square on top of my head. Feel the seeping into the hair if you will. Prompted an immediate return to our motel, driving with all windows down because the high piercing reek of rotten fish permeated the car, and a jump into the shower.

I handled it well. Laughed, didn’t lose my cool. I took it as an omen of good fortune. Ya.

Then getting back into the car to head back downtown to pick up where we left off our car blew some sort of hose which we then had to immediatly take to the dealer mechanic ten minutes to closing time, but they said they’d wait.  Yep guy says, there is no way you could drive this car back up island. Said he should have it ready by Monday, and this was Friday, and they didn’t have a courtesy car available either.

I grumbled my waxing disappointment for BMW’s. Six year old car, we’ve had for two, and it’s been in the shop already several times. Dealer bought too. Then no courtesy car, or even a voucher for a rental. Fail.

But I digress, long story short next morning they came through with the courtesy car and we were able to continue on with our day touring around the city’s surrounding area in the Mini Cooper, or the clown car, said my six-foot two husband. All ended on a high happy note, with this minor hiccup.

Then there was the exhilarating pins and needles drive following the dictates of our Google Maps when searching for the quickest route back from the Saanich Peninsula to Mill Bay (rather than taking the tiny ferry back across) which took us the back roads way into Goldstream Provincial Park . You had to be there.

So we did it. We were good hosts and ambassadors and had a ton of fun being tourists ourselves in our own backyard. Leaving Bob and I promising we need to continue exploring this big island for ourselves instead of waiting for company to come.

Signage at the top of Mt. Washington, a Whiskey Jack on top of top of the world. These birds are ridiculously fearlessly social. Put a hand out and they will land on it. Have food in your hand and they are your new best friend.


The view dropping over the edge on the way down from Mt. Washington.


The reaction of a flat lander when the earth drops from under you on the way down from the top of Mt. Washington. It’s OK she was fine the rest of the way.


Day at the Kinsol Trestle in Shawnigan.


Choosing a route at Paradise Meadows in the Sub-Alpine.


Open Meadows of the sub- alpine.


The Buchart’s Gardens, well a small section of it. It’s huge, took 31/2 hours.


Swimming in our local river, a first ever river swim for our guests. It was splendid.


A must-stop at Ellis River en route to Tofino and Long Beach.


Long Beach at sunset. A young woman heading for the surf. One day by gum I’m gonna do that.


Dan at Long Beach, contemplating leaving Ontario winters and moving West perhaps.


One of several Sand Sculptures.


Our famous, and this year most treacherous in sixty years due to extreme conditions, Bathtub Race!


Warrants two spots in my blog. Bone crushing for both tubber and their escort boat. 33 tubs entered and only 4 finished. Last one taking 5 hours to come in. Thanks to a local -unknown to me- photographer for these shots I pulled from our little island community fb page.


Another day closed, but we head into town for some music from my sons new band playing at a local pocket cocktail bar called The Nanaimo Bar ~


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