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I am playing catch up here since I have been lazy about posting the past week! Bob and I had been staying at the condo right next door to our daughter Roo and her partner CJ for our first week. It backs onto a Golf course, along with some great hiking trails and is only a short distance up the hill between downtown Kimberley and the ski hill. We were given a very generously low rent to pay for our digs, when what the guy who is CJ’s friend only wanted was basic expenses, but we insisted on paying something a bit more than that! I mean it’s a beautiful condo, and he rents it out regularly, and he was kind enough to let us have it. This is his second residence, he spends most of his time in his primary home in Hawaii. So anyway super convenient for us and so comfortable! Made it easy for the four of us to get together for dinner each evening when Bob came back from work at either their place or ours. In the morning after Bob left for work and I’d done some yoga I’d go over to Roo’s for coffee, then plan what we would do for the day. I ate breakfast early ( because I would be up at 5 with Bob) but a few times Roo and I would breakfast together before heading out.

French Toast Y’all, with Fresh Berries, Yogurt and Maple syrup

We went to a baby expo in Cranbrook- Yes Roo is in her second trimester with her first bambino and I have to say although I’m over the moon about my baby having a baby – who I hope inherits our dimples- it hasn’t entirely sunk in. I think when I see her belly bigger in a few months THEN it will be real. We perused all the booths, and why didn’t I take any photographs!? Some great things out there for expectant mothers and babies now, I don’t recall baby expos when I was pregnant! Anyway we picked up several business cards and entered every draw offered for cool products, items and photography sessions. Then we went for lunch at SoulFood Company, a small new eatery started up by Roo’s chef friend,  Roo is a cook too,  that also focuses on local, fresh food. They gave us samples of their in-house sodas too.


Last Sunday when we arrived we all went for dinner at The Baurenhause, a Bavarian restaurant within walking distance from the condo that is outstanding in its organic locally sourced meats and vegetables; everything made in house right down to their mustard. We needed the walk after. Excellent food! The restaurant has some history attached, aside from it being a 350 year old Bavarian building from the Alps that was once a barn and then a home, that it witnessed the Black Plague, was disassembled in Bavaria, shipped to its present location in 1989 then reassembled. The original owners who did this feat still live upstairs. They lease the lower area to the chefs Nils Fuhge and his wife Michelle Klassen.

The old Baurenhause, web photo


What I ate! Pork Schnitzel with Poached Pear and Brie and Rosti Potatoes.

So it’s been a terrific first week, poor Bob though has been working hard but it’s been good too spending evenings with the kids over some good home cooked dinner!

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