The Maintenance Years

Image courtesy of internet
Image courtesy of internet

Bob and I had our check-up’s and blood work done. I’ve been on thyroid medication for  a few years now and was called after my results were in to be told that my thyroid levels have risen significantly and then proceeds to tell me my cholesterol is also alarmingly high, so much so that he wanted to put me on medication for it. THEN he tells me my kidney function is low.

I beg your pardon? High cholesterol? Low kidney function?

My doctor asked if I drink enough water, I tell him I do- and I do, really, by the large glass full several times a day. It is truthfully my favorite beverage.

Then the issue with my Cholesterol, so elevated in fact that he wanted to prescribe medication. This was to much. I had difficulty accepting his analysis. When I was first told of a deficient Thyroid 3 years ago I was set aback, I’m healthy I thought, now I have to take a pill for the rest of my life? Now the cholesterol and Kidney thing? No, too much.

Doctor tells me – like I didn’t know- that high cholesterol is due to eating fried foods, bacon, red meat, dairy products- I say I don’t eat an over abundance of these! Fried food maybe once a month IF. I will have one piece of bacon to my husbands three maybe twice a week, one poached egg to my husbands two. I cook with olive oil, I don’t put butter on my food, most times I don’t even butter my toast, I use peanut butter. Most mornings my breakfast is a smoothie of banana,organic strawberries, kefir, almond milk and organic whey powder and unpasteurized honey. I don’t care for creamy dressings or sauces or heavy cheesy pasta dishes, unlike my husband who relishes all of them. I may eat a pint Haagan Daz a couple of times a month, Bob has been known to eat two to three times more a month- and in one sitting. I drink Almond milk, very little cows milk and even that is a 2%. I eat salads and vegetables. So I begin to wonder as I compare my eating habits to Bob’s.

When I told Bob my diagnosis he said- I wonder if they got our blood work mixed up? We laughed and discussed that it has to be the case, not only because of the discrepancies in our diets but the fact that Bob drinks no water- unless it comes as coffee or the odd beer. In fact I have never in 25 years of marriage seen him lift a glass of water to his lips in daylight more than 5 times.

I assured my doctor my water intake was more than sufficient so he sent me back to get another blood sample. I’ll see the results next week. As for the cholesterol, I said I don’t want medication, I will alter my diet instead. He agreed (did I detect a look of concern?) and said in two months we should be able to see if there is a change.

So I’ve pared my eating right down to eliminate 99% of any animal fat, and have been noting down my meals each day so I can submit them to the doctor, for back up in case my levels are sill showing high.




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