If we were having coffee (#Weekend Coffee Share)

If we were having coffee you too would have stopped mid-sip and we would lock eyes because we just heard that today is National Sword Swallowing Day as was just announced on the CBC radio program I am listening to this morning.

Apparently it’s a tradition on the wane.

Well, who knew.

So anyway, today I will be jumping in my boat and heading to town soon to my mom’s place up island. She will be meeting with the people who will be moving her to her new sweet suite in the next few days. Can I get a Hallelujah?

This service is supplied by the Assisted Living Village and once the move date is set the action begins. They pack and unpack, AND hang all art work etc. all in one day- and that is fantastic.

The move is a big transition for all concerned, of course, but will have so many benefits for all concerned too, finally having her in our neck of the woods. No more long drives up and back.

Mom and Bob 2016

Seems many my age have stories of “moving a parent.” I see and hear them everywhere. Stands to reason, there are sooo many Boomers out there doing exactly what I’m doing right at this time too.  A zeitgeist perhaps?

It’s the opposite end of the spectrum of a young parent meeting other young parents with small children. Kind of. You share experiences good and bad and talk of challenges rife with concerns, worries, and conflicts.


SO I’ll let you go cause it is the weekend and I know you have a lot to do, getting outside to make the most of this (almost) spring day. Here on the West coast we have some sun and the birds have come back from winter, a welcome sound!

Enjoy your day~ 🙂






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3 thoughts on “If we were having coffee (#Weekend Coffee Share)

  1. What a wonderful service from Assisted Living Village. I’m almost jealous. We moved my mother a few times, and it was stressful, not to mention it took forever. I wish you the best on what is sure to be an emotional, but necessary, adjustment.

    [Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you.]

    1. Yes, we are very appreciative of this perk – it drops the stress level down a notch! Thank you for the good wishes for what will certainly be a bit of a bumpy ride , but confident all will be well when the dust settles 🙂

  2. I live in an Independent Living Home. We are on the 3rd flour. Unless I was helpless I wouldn’t live on the first flour as those residents are subject to people from the neighborhood. The second flour ends up in up in hurt feeling as they they to close. In case of fire those who need help go side of the building patios so the firemen can see them. In the 9 years we been here we have seen it all. One family prepared her meals and brought a weeks worth so all she had to do was warm them up in the microwave.The fire engine every one wants tobknow who.

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