12744234_10153783486180733_3552159732958383054_nJust polishing the family silver Daahhlink.

My husband brought these pieces home a few years ago after his parents passed away. Heavily tarnished and dark I put them away up in a cupboard and forgot about them.

Then one day I pulled them out thinking we might as well use the sugar bowl at least- you know what they say, don’t save the good china for only special occasions- silver in my case, you may die with regret otherwise.

I took out a cleaning solution I had under the kitchen sink and began rubbing the surface and it brightened beautifully. I came around the other side of the bowl and realized there was an inscription there so faint under the tarnish. I scrubbed to reveal the following, “Groot Hotel Berg en Dal.”


I went to the computer and began searching for this place and literally spent the entire afternoon trying to find any information on this Hotel. All the articles were not in English which didn’t help. Eventually I did find a photo on Ebay, and discovered that it was in the Netherlands. Bob seemed to think, from stories his dad told, that this might have been the place where the service men were sent for time off from the fight; a place to relax and rest up before going back to the front again, but reading up on a few mere scant articles that were in English written by war vets recounting their times, this Hotel seemed to be in the area that was in the thick of the fighting. So either my father-in-law was there and swept through the hotel and took a souvenir or someone else did and gave it to him later.


So as I again just recently gave these pieces a spruce up with a rag and cleaner I thought I’d share their story. I then also found when I turned them over to see if in fact they were silver, I discovered they are not. They are a good quality silver plate.

The company B.Bohrmann was founded in 1871 and according to the article I found the numbers on the right is the year it was made, the numbers on the left are unknown. So I can ascertain that the sugar bowl and creamer are from 1906.

So that’s the great story of our family silver (plate)!







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