A wee run away

Victoria 2016

We all have to do it, some more often than others. Luckily I don’t have to go too far to get to one of my favourite Happy Spots for a getaway. Just one and half hour drive brings me to Victoria, a city I once lived for six years when a single mom.

It’s the funniest thing- whenever I revisit I feel like I’m home. I definitely have a deep connection to this spot on the map even though I have lived in my current city for decades. Go figure.  I booked a sweet room at a B&B right on Dallas Road which runs along the waterfront and is part of Beacon Hill Park. I didn’t even tell Bob that I had made plans to spirit him away for the night. I love spontaneity.

What prompted the escape was knowing that our little islands power was going to shut down the entire day of Feb 2 due to power poles being replaced and, truth be known, I just really wanted to be somewhere else for a time. If I could have nabbed a flight to Cuba for a week it would’ve happened.

Victoria would have to do. So we left on the 1st.

We didn’t see a performance or a film, we didn’t go to a high end restaurant either. We stayed close to the area of the B&B and walked the parks waterfront and took in the splendid Ogden Point Breakwater.

Ogden Point 2016

The excitement I guess came that evening in our room. Not what you think. Our hosts had taken the liberty of upgrading our room since they had many vacancies that night; being a Tuesday I guess, so that was nice. The place was a heritage building and in true Victoria fashion the decor followed suit.

The duvet covered bed was encased in a beautiful rich wood frame and layered with several pillows large and small, a bank of multi-pane windows opened out to the ocean. Ahh.

I brought some Pinot Noir, and filled our glasses with a quarter pour and we reclined back on the pillows. To read the paper. Yes, 25 years of marriage- this is normal.

But when handsome hubby put down the paper and turned towards me (might there be romance?) as he did so one of the small pillows slide out from behind him and ever so quickly nudged his glass of red to the floor. He jumped up so fast and picked up the glass only to see a long, deep red gash stretched out over the pale carpet. Gasp!

Why didn’t I bring the Chardonnay.

Amazing how far a small amount can spread. Cocoa powder and tomato sauce have this same capability.

We quickly soaked wads of toilet paper and began dabbing and dabbing, then I took my clean underwear from my overnight bag, (I certainly couldn’t use the hotel towels now  could I?) and soaking them and using soap started scrubbing.

Not so romantic. Although I giggled the whole time, because it is so unlike us, and what else could one do but lighten up?  Needless to say Bob felt very bad about it.

In the morning- notice the segue- we arrived too late for our breakfast and even though our charming host Mike said he would make it we said thank you, no, and uh, oh by the way, yada, yada yada. Mike said don’t worry about it, but we left a generous tip anyway.

And we drove home. Not necessarily rested but a change of scenery was had, and anytime I can spend in my favorite city is a good time. With or without wine.








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