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I’ve begun to sort through my bookshelves, time to let go of the unnecessary surplus of long-ago-already-read and unmemorable fodder and keep the gems, including any good reference literature that is just good to keep on hand for uh, reference. I found I have a lot of Spanish language education books. Which is good and I will keep them all, since I am on a continuous track of learning this language. I would hope. One day. If I keep at it. But I’ll know now not to buy yet another Spanish language education book.

The stack shown above includes some of the keepers. I still have two more bookshelves to thin down, and as I go through them I’ve pulled out ones I read many years ago and am reading them again, to refresh my memory, and because living changes us over time, my perspective might have changed over time, (I would hope beyond hope this would be the case) and I find I can understand or empathize with a character or author differently now whereas when I was younger I didn’t in the same way.


All in all purging is a good thing, I feel refocused whenever I do one, no matter what thing I am purging. I feel finely tuned into what is meaningful to me by deciding what things to keep in my life. It’s a self-defining act really, wouldn’t you say ?



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