The Aftermath



Ok, it’s boxing day and people have  begun to line up at various malls and shopping centres to tackle others to the ground for the big price mark-downs on merchandise, an activity I have, nor ever will, participate in. I don’t need a thing that bad.

There is so much merchandise overstock that boxing day has morphed into Boxing Week. And although almost every year we, being Bob and I, say we should buy the gifts for the next christmas during this boxing day week, we just can’t plan that far ahead, and we don’t really do a big gift exchange anymore anyway.

I’m not projecting the sanctimonious anti-material snob guru rhetoric, I like stuff, I just don’t like frenzy.

So let the masses continue on through the week with the hustle/bustle; I will saunter in a couple of weeks from now and peruse the shops leisurely if I’m in the area and I have some time, and if I see something that I can’t live without, I may decide to buy.

Which usually falls in the area of apparel. For me.





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