The Makeover


There is something satisfying about opening a new can of paint. You’ve squinted at that ridiculously tiny paint chip you brought home from the hardware store for days maybe weeks before deciding on it, trying to imagine the colour on the wall; it’s not until you pop off the lid to reveal the luscious colour do you feel confident in your choice. Hopefully.

Painting a room promises transformation, transposing the key of a space, infusing it with an entirely new atmosphere.

Painting a room can be cathartic, as refreshing as a mini holiday from the old familiar ambience, even a game changer. As it was when I took on my downstairs bathroom. I wanted to get out of the dark and into the light and the paint colour Bamboo was going to take me there.

My Bathroom 2015

The blue is a nice blue, sure, my husband’s choice when we renovated 4 years ago. I wanted to be supportive, you know, so he didn’t feel I was monopolizing the renovation with my choices. For 4 years I lived with this shade, feeling all the while it felt like a cave. It doesn’t help that the window is totally frosted so very little light comes through, (plan on changing the upper portion of the window to a clear glass, then let the light will flood in), and on our Vancouver rainy months it is dark in there.

Cue the Bamboo and voila the biffy is elevated to star status of light and warmth!

Bathroom re model 2015


I keep going in to the room just to BE IN THE ROOM so I can gloat. I am pleased.

The ceiling is a mosaic I had done may years ago while left to my own devious devices one winter with boxes of old tiles and old mirrors. It is a river with two salmon running up to spawn.

Can you spot me lying on the floor taking the picture?

I’m on a roll of inspiration -Living room, kitchen and master bedroom is up next~

The mosaic on my bathroom ceiling 2015

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