Bone Dry




We had been enjoying several weeks of uncharacteristically clear, gloriously hot, very windy days and because this is a rain forest it’s a big deal for our sodden lot, we are known for our rain.

If it is spring there is rain, in the autumn-rain. When winter comes there is …rain, and our summers may live up to its reputation in other parts of Canada but here there has been many soaked June’s, iffy July’s, usually pretty great August’s and sporadically fair but cool September’s, followed by yes more rain. I jump for joy when we get a few days of rare snow fall during the winter, anything to break up the grey wetness!

But the rain has been absent. We had very little during the winter and spring and nearly nil snow pack melt in the mountains and yet really we honestly couldn’t hide the glee about the great summer weather we were having FINALLY, it was high time we got a good one!

But we are surely paying the price now. We have become a crackling tinder box where one doesn’t dare to even pass wind for fear it will ignite the very air!  We are on fire here on the Pacific North-West.

So far there has been 177 fires burning all around us releasing such masses of smoke that for 3 days it was looking rather Armageddon like; the sun a singular fiery red eye like a laser barely penetrating the thick cover of smoke that blanketed the entire sky in grey/brown. Ashes sprinkled down and the air thick and hazy. The birds weirdly quiet. Strangely, but thankfully, as soon as the sky and air clogged with smoke there hasn’t been a breath of wind; this at least kept the fires from spreading too quickly. But for us creatures it meant very hot, humid, airless, smokey days. And we had to keep our windows shut all day and night to keep the smoke from seeping in. People kept calling 911 saying they could smell smoke nearby worried there was another fire starting, but it was only that the ambient smoke was so dense.


Now after a few days of “smoke cover” the temperature has dropped a bit, and on a very small scale I can understand how maybe the dinosaurs were affected by having the sun cloaked for a long period of time, darkening and cooling the earth… Ok we are nowhere near that scale of doom yet but I thought about them anyway.

The forecast for Sunday says rain, and I’ll be very happy to see it come.

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