A Little Space


I finally tackled the upstairs room, pulled away the things that needed to go, rearranged a desk, a set of drawers for printing paper, envelopes and pens etc.,a bookcase and brought that big ol rubber plant, that I was really wanting to move somewhere else like out to the road to go to somebody else’s house, from downstairs to tuck into the corner upstairs by the window.

I have the challenge of making everything fit and be aesthetically pleasing because I am dealing with an A-Frame room, in other words nearly 4 feet of floor space along the wall on both sides of the room is useless for bookcases and floor lamps, cramping an already small space as it is! I also have no way to hang any pictures or cork board, so I’ll need to be creative in ways to do it. De-cluttering was key, having only essentials and it’s made a cozy nook and it works. The rubber plant did the trick in perfectly occupying a slopping corner and giving the space a warmer feel.

Now I have a quiet removed area to write, read, practice my guitar and look out the large window to the sea!

Now what I need is to create a studio space somewhere on my property. That may pose a greater challenge.

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