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At this moment I’m listening to the soundtrack from the film “Water” by Deepa Mehta. Not only has this film been and remains one of my top cherished since it premiered, it is the music that is so absolutely seductive to me, a work of music that is a venerational revelation through headphones. Which I have just re- discovered. Headphones. I only wish I had the big soft ones on right now, the ones that have you immersed and awash in liquid sound. Bliss. Because there is something more intimate about listening with those that completely envelop your ears in a soft embrace, unlike the hard iPhone ear buds I have in now- I prefer my ears cuddled for the full experience.

Ah, I’m melting- the track “Across the River.” You must listen to this.

There was a time I listened to music constantly and much of the time through headphones while I was a teenager. I had those big soft ones plugged into the family stereo and sat at the large dining room window that looked out over the Bay letting James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Seals and Crofts and Elton John and others smooth over my angst (teenager you know, ok, so I took the mellow route). But as I became an adult I didn’t have time for that sittin’ around plugged into my own world of sound anymore. I had to work, then I was a single mom and had to work, then I got married and gained a step-son, and worked some more. Who had the time?

Then  I just simply forgot about this luscious experience of seclusion into sound.

But as you may (or may not know if you haven’t read my previous posts) I am residing in my vinyl beach cabin and although I have my lap top and iTunes the Mac speakers are -well, ok. So last night I suddenly remembered I had packed my little ear buds that I’ve not used until now. Voila!

Ah, now La Boheme ! I have never listened to Opera with headphones on. Opera being a rather new musical taste acquisition. Stunning.

I must sound peculiar-so many people use headphones everyday whatever they’re doing.  At work, walking to the store, sitting in the park  with people around.

I can’t do that, I attempted it briefly when The Walkman was the big thing,  but I’d feel cut off from my environment. I found I cannot have my ears and head occupied with rhythms and melody while engaged in a physical task. Like walking. Or if I’m in a populated space. I must listen to my immediate surroundings if I’m out in the world. With headphones on and my ears seductively being drenched in my favorite music I could walk into a pole so easy.




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