As You Were

Well that’s over with. The eating, the gathering and well- eating again. (I did not eat a pound of  christmas fudge, who told you?) I’ve had my seasonal break from work, spent time at home, slept in, meandered, and watched the whole Marco Polo series on Netflix and caught The Hobbit, Battle of the Five Armies. All in all a comfortable hiatus.

Enough of that, back to work.

And back to my vinyl cabin at the beach this stormy January 4th night. I will resume my Monday to Friday stays here until the end of March, and while my being here is to be in close proximity to my mother, I have begun to savor my seaside cabin in a way for the quiet solitude in which I can write without distraction during the evenings.

And when compared to my Island home, the logistics here are a breeze. Why, I can just get out of my car here with groceries and take but a few steps before putting them down on the table! I swear to you there are many times I will “handle” bags, or whatever has to be transported from town to Island home, up to 5 times before they hit the kitchen counter. But it’s the price we pay for, uh paradise.

And it helps work off fudge.

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