Fur Buddy


This is Moe. The Late Moe I suppose, having passed away last April after sharing 19 years with us.

I captured him in one of his most common states. Napping.

He was a cat unlike most. I know everybody has a cat that is such in their eyes, but he truly was. He wanted to always hang with the humans. He always noticed if there was something new in the house or yard- you could actually see the tiny wheels turning -assessing what was different. He talked (a lot); utterly distinct sounds to emote his thoughts, and to drive it home he looked right into your eyes, searching them for clues to tell if you’re understanding him.

He enjoyed gardening, always lent a helping paw when I was weeding.

But his truest desire and life purpose was to be on a lap. He was a giver. He would purr so deep and contented to bring you to a state of calm and stasis if you will, you don’t want anything to move because he is so into the Lap.

He wasn’t well near the end and we made the hard decision to put him to sleep with the vets help.

Hardest thing we’ve done. Hard.

He has his place in the backyard next to Miss Kitty, she died at 18 at home a year before Moe, Smokey our Schipperke- 2001, and Chinook who died 30 years ago.


He was a strong personality in our house and he is missed.



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  1. Great photo! Sorry about your kitty. We had to put mine down in August (she was 17) and I often forget when I’m at college that she’s not around anymore.

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